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Lava Institutional | 3 August 2021

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Casting, Enamel Design Department

Foundry Department

DSC00021Newest technology, brand new fully automated and CNC operated machinery and high level of expertise

Newest technology, brand new fully automated and CNC operated machinery and high level of expertise
• High degree of stability
• Fine and smooth surface with sharp detailing
• Suitable for medium and high volume

Automatic Moulding Machine
• Sinto FBOIII, Pattern plate dimension: 500x600mm
• Disamatic DISA MATCH, Pattern plate dimension: 600x700mm.

Modern Electric Melting Furnace
• Melting Capacity: Dual Track 1ton/hr.



Automatic Sand Preparation
• CNC operated, 90ton/hr.

Various Finishing Process Machines
• Blasting/Grinding

Material Types: Grey cast iron, GG15-20, GGG40

High quality products by LAVA



High quality products by LAVA

LAVA provide newest technology for casting and enamelling processes that brings quality products. EPE (ElectroPhoretic Enamelling) gives a value add on your products. Washable and easy cleaning surface finish makes your product different than others.

3 different enamelling techniques
• EPE (ElectroPhoretic Enamelling with licence of Ferrotechniek) for pan supports
• Automatic-robotic spraying for all colors applied on pan&pots
• Hand spraying

Dish Washer Proof

  • • Overall coverage of enamel
    • Equal layer thickness
    • Excellent surface and visual quality
    • Stable quality due to process automation
    • Good thermal shock resistance (>= 3xdelta T 380 C degree)
    • Good adherence: DIN 51155, 2mm/20N. max. and E.E.A. Spec.8.6.3.
    • Good acid resistance: Minimum class A, ISO 2722/ EN ISO 8290
    • Matt colors with smooth surfaces (cleanable)
    • Stable gloss and colour
    • Wide range of colours; matt, semi matt or gloss
    • Maximum performance for heat resistance; 3hours on 400C degree
    • Rubber feet : during 3 hours on 230º C


Design Department



Design department is managed by dedicated highly skillful personnel who can provide you convenient solutions

• Work on product and concept
• Preliminary on 3D CAD files and design of pattern construction
• Modelling if required
• Approval of design
• Tooling for production
• Production of prototypes
• Validation of prototypes
• Definition of specs. and procedures
• Test production
• Approval
• Mass production



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