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Lava Institutional | 3 August 2021

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Quality and Environment


Quality & Environment
Lava Metal and Casting A.S has ISO9001 certification and applied for ISO14000. All departments are managed by dedicated highly skillful personnel who can provide you convenient solutions to your problems.

Our Quality Policy
The five principles of quality management form the base of our production policy:
• The definition of quality is compliance to costumer requirements: Performance; Features; Reliability; Durability; Serviceability; Aesthetics; Perceived Quality.
• The system of quality is based on prevention and continuous improvement.
• The standard performance target is zero defect.
• The measurement of quality is the price of noncorformance.
• All work is a process




Build and maintain leadership in our market by delivering superior value to our customers, as measured by customer service and responsiveness, product quality, product offering, technology and product development capability; develop long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers because of our unparalleled market access, market knowledge and value-added capabilities.

A premier global company… committed to maximizing our customers successes… dedicated to growth… driven by quality performance and innovation…




Your trust is the keystone of our partnership. For over 40 years, you’ve trusted us to deliver products that meet your production needs.


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