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Lava Institutional | 3 August 2021

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Why Lava ? | Lava Institutional


LAVA enamel cast iron pots and pans are manufactured in LAVA facilities in Eskişehir through 40 years of experience and knowledge and the most advanced casting and enamelling technology in Turkey and in the region. Each pot and pan is controlled manually for a few times during production to ensure full compliance with quality standards. They are tested in advanced LAVA laboratories for tens of times. All enamels used by LAVA comply with applicable International Standards. While scrap and low-quality iron is used in the production of Far East-made cast pots and pans, LAVA enamel cast iron pots and pans are made of the highest quality cast iron in the world. They do not contain any harmful additive.

Why Are LAVA Pots & Pans So Heavy?

First of all, a good cast iron pot and pan should be quite heavy. They should have thick base. As the cast m iron that absorbs more heat is thick, they are designed in the construction that reaches equal cooking degree from all points.

Why Do Cast Iron Pan & Pots Add Taste?

No cookware can produce foods on the oven with as excellent taste as LAVA enamel cast iron pots, pans and their derivatives. LAVA enamel pots and pans with thick base are made of cast-iron which is a material with low specific heat. LAVA cast-iron pots and pans can reach equal cooking degree from all points as they can overheat considerably much and they are thick.

Meat With Grill Taste

The important point for cooking is overheating degree of pot and pan. Cast iron is unique in this regard Meat grilled at barbecue is more delicious than the meat cooked at any teflon pan. Likewise, meat grilled at LAVA enamel cast iron grill pan is as delicious as the barbecue. It may even be very difficult to notice the difference.

Non-Stick, Seals...

Meat cooked at LAVA enamel cast iron pans never sticks to the pan. There are two reasons for this. First, high heat on the surface of pan seals the surface of meat. This retains the taste, water and all nutritional values of the food sealed. (It forms a dry and hard layer in a short period of time or briefly, let’s say it browns). So, while the meat first sticks, it looses within a couple of minutes –after the humidity on its surface is removed. Secondly, only some part of the meat comes into contact with the pan thanks to the grill drains on surface ensuring that it is easy to separate meat from pan and it forms nice burning marks on meat.

More Healthy and More Delicious Meals...

LAVA enamel cast iron pots and pans can be used for all recipes such as soups, roasts, grills, rice, casseroles and desserts, cakes and baked breads. Cast iron is suitable for all kinds of cooking techniques. As the heat will equally spread to the whole surface, it provides perfect cooking for meals that require cooking at medium heat for a long time such as stew, meals with olive oil etc. Likewise, meats cooked with cast iron give barbecue taste and vegetables have roasted taste.

No Loss of Vitamin, Mineral And Flavor in Meal

Steam generated in pot condenses thanks to the special lid design of LAVA and is mixed with food again. When cooking methods are used correctly, it does not only produce wonderful flavors and tastes, but also protects nutritional values in your meal contributing to a healthy diet.

Traditional Cooking

LAVA enamel cast iron pots and pans are effective for traditional cooking at minimum heat as well as for boiling at high surface heat. It is your choice!

It Keeps Hot As Hot, Cold As Cold

LAVA enamel cast iron pots and pans can protect heat effectively. It will be your advantage to lower settings for cooking at both countertop stoves and ovens. Lava pot with closed lid on the table will continue to protect the heat of food for a second serving. It can be useful for frozen foods as well. LAVA enamel cast iron cookware can be used for keeping foods cold. When pot is stored in the fridge for a short period of time, it will adequately keep the food cold for serving even in summer days.

Easy to Clean

LAVA Cast-Iron Pots and Pans can be washed in dishwashing machine thanks to High Enamel Coating Technology available at only a few companies around the world and can be cleaned practically and easily. (please read cleaning and care instructions)

LAVA Provide Excellent Consistency Between Casting and Enamelling and High Quality

New advanced technology machines, cutting edge processes, experience, knowledge and high-quality at LAVA enamel cast iron pots and pans. Technically, it is a very difficult and trouble some job to combine cast with enamel. The reason is that, since expansion coefficients of the both are different, the cast material dilated in the coating after firing will crack the coating.

Enamel technology by LAVA has electrophoretic enamel coating facility which is available at only a few companies around the globe. Therefore, it is more durable, practical and technically more superior than enamel structure of its rivals. It is easy and practical to clean. It can be washed in dishwasher. You would not encounter any performance problem.

Elegant Designs, Ample Variety and Colourful

Elegant designs and enamel coating color varieties provide complementary particulars for use in kitchen or dining room and offer excellent surface quality. Black matt enamel on internal surface prepares real taste for you. Ample variety and continues product development for your requirements.

Suitable For Use in All Cooker and Oven Types

LAVA enamel cast iron pots and pans can be used in all heat sources. Gas, electrical, solid or radian plate, glass-ceramic, vitro-ceramic and those stoves that work with induction and gas, oil, coal or wood.

They must not be used in microwave ovens.

Ergonomic Handles and Knobs

Cast iron and stainless steel knobs have aesthetic appearance. They are designed ergonomically for easy grip and handling. They are suitable for use in all cookers and ovens (except for microwave oven). Be careful! They heat up during cooking. While handling, dry thick cloth or oven mitten should be used.


Cast iron is 100% recyclable as an environment-friendly material. Also, it provides energy saving as it preserves heat for a long period of time.

From Generation to Generation

LAVA cast-iron pots and pans are durable. With proper use and care, you can utilize your pots and pans at your kitchen for the whole lifetime and even leave them to your children and
grandchildren as a pleasant memory.

Approved Quality

Lava has:
* RoHS, REACH certification and doesn’t contain any hazordous material; like lead and cadmium
* Complaince LFGB – German Standards
* Complaince FDA –American Standards
* Compliance 84/500/EEC – Europian Standards
* Succesfully tested for Cold Citric Acid, Boiling Citrik Asit, water vapour, Boiling Water,
Detergent Solutions.
* CE : declaration of conformity
* ISO9001





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